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With more than 10 years of experience in the field of wellbeing support, more than 400 companies trusting us, over 3 million employees looked after in France and UK, it’s safe to say that expertise is one of our fundamental pillars. We are committed to provide an optimal service adapted to everyone’s needs.

We use our experience with private and public organisations, in France and UK as a launching pad to find innovative solutions to better identify and meet your needs.



We want to push the boundaries and open new paths: that’s why innovation is a fundamental value at Pros-Consulte Group. Our mission is to shed the stigma around mental health and to develop new and more effective tools to facilitate the access to a meaningful mental health support.

Innovation and maintaining relevance is achieved through our R&D department. It is also reflected in the DNA of each of our structures, both in content and form. We want to stay one step ahead, in order to develop more suitable digital solutions for the benefit of everyone.

valeurs-humainPlacing the people at the heart of our mission

Because there is no expertise or innovation without initiative, people remain the driving force behind our approach. We nurture human relations and actively participate in the training of our talents: the ongoing training of our employees and therapists is one of the Group’s pillars. The consideration of our partners, their opinions and aspirations are at the heart of our concerns.

We want to place the people at the centre of our project.


Our commitments

soutien psychologique

Wellbeing support

Ten years ago, the founders of Pros-Consulte Group committed themselves to make counselling support accessible to all by developing a comprehensive online portal of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists on hand 24/7. Today, the accessibility of wellbeing support is part of our DNA and is our common thread for current and future developments.

From our experience and our privileged relationships with our clients, we know that counselling support is an integral part of a healthy workplace. Studies have shown that employees’ wellbeing is an important factor of social cohesion, productivity and an essential lever for competitiveness in companies. With this in mind, Pros-Consulte Group has made its mission to promote mental health in the workplace and seek, through cutting-edge services, to shed the stigma surrounding mental health and improve the social dialogue within organisations.


Connected Health

What is ehealth? The World Health Organization (WHO) gives us the following definition: ” eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health “.

The physical health and wellbeing, both in the workplace and at home, inevitably depend on mental health. Our commitment: to combine mental health digital solutions by putting the people at the heart of our thinking process and decision-making process. How? By making counselling support easy, rapid and affordable thanks to innovative digital tools.

Our ambition is to drive and support companies, their talents as well as our mental health professionals in this upcoming digital shift.


Research and development

Pros-Consulte Group is, before all, the brainchild of two founders with innovative ideas.

Rooted in the idea of creating an online portal to connect counsellors and psychotherapists with individuals 24/7, Pros-Consulte Group has evolved and transformed itself to better meet your needs in terms of prevention, training, self-help and counselling support.

Because we are bold and committed to discover and test new solutions, (such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology) the creation of an I-Tech R&D department has naturally become a must:

“Our first step towards an R&D department was made when we decided to create Geo-Psy in France and UK. To do this, we needed to integrate developers directly within our company, so that we could respond faster to a constantly evolving market. Pros-Consulte Group is particularly oriented at the moment towards the Blockchain technology as part of the disintermediation of services, whatever the activity is. With the establishment and structuring of this department, named I-Tech Research, Pros-Consulte Group is at the dawn of its own development and opening to new horizons. “

Jean-Pierre CAMARD, Co-founder the Pros-Consulte Group


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