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Pros-Consulte Group ‘s milestones: Thriving to provide meaningful wellbeing support for now 10 years

Launch of Pros-Consulte by France HETIER and Jean-Pierre CAMARD – SAS with a capital of 80 000 euros – Counselling online portal for individuals in France “jeconsulteunpsy.com”



The DARCOS’ Law is voted : all companies with more than 1,000 employees must engage negotiations on prevention of stress at work.

Launch of “Pros-Consulte” platform, the Employee Assistance Programme dedicated to companies.









The first major calls for tender are won (DIRA, CNAF, SCA, CDC).

Pros-Consulte reaches 1 million employees looked after.



Launch of the first back office to manage the complex system of Pros-Consulte’s counselling support platform.

Acquisition and inauguration of the new building/office for Pros-Consulte.

Launch of Pro-Counselling in Reading, UK. The Employee Assistance Programme for British companies.


Signature of a contract between Pros-Consulte and SPS to support healthcare professionals. They represent 1,700,000 people.

Pros-Consulte reaches 3 million employees supported.

Launch of Instant Counselling. The telephone counselling platform for individuals.


Creation of the RPS Pros-Consulte training department and obtaintion of the Veri Select Professional Training Certificate.


Pros-Consulte gets a brand new visual identity and a new website. Integration of a web development department.




Development of Geo-Psy, geolocation and deployment of a therapist on site and within the hour for businesses and individuals.



Participation at the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon to present Geo-Psy

Official launch of Geo-Psy in Paris.

Launch of Geo-Psy for home consultations.


Launch of Pros-Consulte Group.

Pros-Consulte group


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